Here I have gathered all 5 of the “Odin Sphere Leifthrasir: Better Know A Character” articles for your reading pleasure. In this series I spotlight some of the highlights and lowlights from each of the 5 characters in Odin Sphere. In Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, each character has different abilities. All abilities fall into one of two categories based upon the resource they use: Action abilities, which use the Power Gauge, and Spells, which use Phozon Points (PP). Action abilities take up a % of your Power Gauge, ranging anywhere from ~20-50%. Phozon Points are regained by absorbing phozons, which are the life force of fallen enemies. If you’d like to read some of my other Odin Sphere LEifthrasir related posts, then head here

Gwendolyn, the One with Daddy Issues


Gwendolyn is the valkyrie daughter of Odin (she has a lot of daddy issues) and the wielder of a mighty spear psypher. Utilizing her wings– attached at the hip– she glides around the battlefield. Using a high grip on her spear, she stabs and cuts with precision. Her combat style feels both punishing, like Oswald, and agile, like Velvet, as she seemingly uses her spear as an extension of herself. Many of her magics feature ice and can inflict chilled (slows enemies) or frozen (freezes enemies in place) status ailments. In many ways she represents a balanced approach between the varying play styles.

Cornelius, the Furry

OSL_CorneliusCornelius is the obligatory furry, I mean, animal character which was required in all games from the mid-90’s to the mid-00’s. Cornelius reflects his affinity for lightning magic in his energetic fighting style. Often seemingly using his sword like a bat, Cornelius’ royal roots are betrayed by his beastly appearance. Despite not having the capability to fly, or teleport like other characters, many of his moves can get him across the battlefield in bounds.


Mercedes, the Kid

OSL_MercedesMercedes is a unique character. She uses a ranged weapon, she flies, she heavily relies upon spells (vs. action moves) and she is also the youngest of the cast, which is why growing up is a strong theme in her campaign. For these reasons, and the fact that she is the 3rd of 5 characters, she represents a pallet cleanser of sorts; a refreshing change of pace. Mercedes’ Power Bar acts as a clip for her crossbow. After standing still on the ground for a second she will automatically reload (During which time, she yells out “Here we go!”, which coincidentally causes me to break into a cold sweat nowadays.).


Oswald(Ozzy), the Prince of Darkness

OSL_OSwaldOswald– or Ozzy as I like to call him, since he’s basically the crown prince of darkness in Erion– is the dark, brooding bad boy that every guy secretly wants to be like (Ugh! I want to be him so badly!!!) and every girl openly wants to be with (I miss you, Vanessa!). Yeah, he’s kinda awesome. Oswald has a brutal, punishing fighting style fitting of a psycho whose soul was sold to the she-devil by his adopted father, which actually happened. Oh and he kinda goes berserk sometimes.


Velvet, the Riding Hood Cosplayer

OSL_VelvetVelvet is the sexy one– and that’s not just my misogyny talking either– as she sticks out amongst the cast by being a sexy red riding hood cosplayer on All Hallow’s Eve, or Armageddon’s eve in this case. She wields a particularly unique psypher: a chain with a crystal at each end. Inspired by a dancer, many of her animations resemble a dancer in action. Combat wise, Velvet relies upon a lot of Action moves. While she might be sluggish, she receives bonuses for staying at a medium range, encouraging her to maneuver around foes while setting foes aflame.