Velvet is the sexy one– and that’s not just my misogyny talking either– as she sticks out amongst the cast by being a sexy red riding hood cosplayer on All Hallow’s Eve, or Armageddon’s eve in this case. She wields a particularly unique psypher: a chain with a crystal at each end. Inspired by a dancer, many of her animations resemble a dancer in action. Combat wise, Velvet relies upon a lot of Action moves. While she might be sluggish, she receives bonuses for staying at a medium range, encouraging her to maneuver around foes while setting foes aflame.


In my opinion, Velvet has the most interesting, novel, and well executed moveset. Below are 3 moves that illustrate this quite well.

Sling/Tilt Whip


First is her Sling/Tilt Whip. These moves allows you to grab enemies and sling them back-&-forth by alternating between the corresponding directions all while hitting other enemies with the enemy you have a hold of. The move also gives you extremely abusable invincibility frames– for better and worse– while slinging foes around like rag-dolls. Sadly it is expensive to upgrade both versions of this move. 

The Best Offense…

Drop Shell

Secondly are a pair of moves that transform two of your normally defensive options– swinging by your chain (think Spiderman) & dodging– into offensive options. The first is a move that allows you to hold down while dodging in order to place proximity mines. Doing large amounts of damage for a small price while knocking around foes is always useful. The problem with this move is that holding ↓ while dodging can be an awkward combination, especially since you generally need to hold ← or → to ensure you are dodging in the correct direction.

Air Raid


The second is a move that allows you to attack while swinging from your chain. This move is the cheapest option for setting foes on fire while also allowing you to dodge/escape foes. This move adds onto a staple movement technique in a way that makes it feel fresh and useful. The problem with this move, however, is that it is technically a separate move from the normal swinging function. This means that it takes up its own button while also functioning somewhat oddly since it does not come directly out of a jump. An easier solution would have been to have the player press the attack button while swinging, as this did not have any existing functionality.

The problem with these collectively are that they both come really late in the game, giving you very little time to utilize them. This is especially exacerbated by the fact that these are character defining abilities. Including them earlier in the game would have allowed you to build your play style around these moves, making Velvet much more fulfilling in the process.


Honestly, I don’t have any huge complaints about Velvet– her whole move list felt solid. The biggest thing plaguing her was that she felt sluggish. I know for a fact that she walked slower than other characters, and I suspect that she might have attacked slower as well. Moreover, many of her spells were overpriced and useless because of it, but ultimately every character suffered from this.

Credit & Sources
All .gif's created @
Footage obtained from "Swillo & Bimmy Question"
Featured Image Obtained from Official Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Website

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