Oswald– or Ozzy as I like to call him, since he’s basically the crown prince of darkness in Erion– is the dark, brooding bad boy that every guy secretly wants to be like (Ugh! I want to be him so badly!!!) and every girl openly wants to be with (I miss you, Vanessa!). Yeah, he’s kinda awesome. Oswald has a brutal, punishing fighting style fitting of a psycho whose soul was sold to the she-devil by his adopted father, which actually happened. Oh and he kinda goes berserk sometimes.





One of my favorite moves belonging to Oswald is his ←/→+⬛  basic charge attack. He throws his blade out in front of him and allows it to spin. If you let go of the attack, then he will immediately charge to where his blade is. If you hold onto it then he will let it spin in the air for a second before charging to it. When you hit smaller enemies they will often go flying, which truly conveys a feeling of power associated with this charging attack. You can even cancel the move by pressing the dodge button before Oswald dashes toward his blade.


Eclipse sends out a cloud of energy that siphons health & berserk points. This not only fulfilled a unique need for the character, but was also the only move in the game that restores HP.

Vile Rush


Oswald has a move that allows him to perform a huge flurry combo, which you are left vulnerable during. However, you can cause Oswald to perform the combo finisher at any given time so that you still get your damage (vs just canceling out of the move by dodging) while not leaving yourself vulnerable for several seconds. This is absolutely essential in an action game. This is a lesson I learned from God of War 2 & 3. In GoW2, Kratos has a large, long spinning attack (L1+⬛ ), but since this left you vulnerable for so long it was often not very useful. However, in GoW3, this move was broken into pieces so that if you kept pressing ⬛  during this move then you would do the long flurry, otherwise you would do a shorter version of the attack. Giving the player the ability to customize how long the move lasts is really important & is a much more graceful solution than merely giving the player abusable invincibility frames.

Phantom Killer


Phantom Killer causes Oswald to stand still, luring in any foes dumb enough to attack him. When he is attacked in this state he will then teleport to that foe and hit them for a large amount of damage. the move is balanced by the fact that it can only be used while standing on the ground; notice how he teleports slightly in the air to prevent you from stringing them together. One of my favorite uses for this move is related to the fact that you can use it to teleport to foes that are shooting projectiles at you from far away, which is the perfect way to kill the wretched wizards.


Get Over Here!


A move that seemed promising for Oswald was his fully charged ↓+⬛ . This move allows him to grab a foe and suck energy from it to fuel his berserk mode gauge while also doing small damage. Pressing the attack button rapidly allows you to increase the duration & frequency of this attack. The problem with this move is that it leaves you vulnerable for long amounts of time while charging it and while holding onto the enemy while also being, extremely weak. Considering the fact that you already receive berserk mode energy from normal combat anyhow, this move proved to be useless.

Fatal Raid

OSL_Oswald_Fatal Raid.gif

Fatal Raid has Oswald shoot upwards at a 45 degree angle. The problem being that once Oswald reaches the end of his kick, he keeps all of the momentum he had causing you to fly far up and over into the air and away from foes. A big part of the game is comboing enemies, but flinging yourself away from foes not only makes this harder, but gives them the chance to recover, making foes more dangerous. Ultimately the move comes off as feeling unreliable. 

Credit & Sources
All .gif's created @ giphy.com
Footage obtained from "Swillo & Bimmy Question"
Featured Image Obtained from Official Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Website

2 thoughts on “Odin Sphere Leifthrasir: Better Know Oswald

  1. Oh yeah! You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help you out. It’s truly a very powerful ability. I should have used it more to be honest. I mean, combat is pretty heavily focused on juggling foes, but it allows you to become extremely safe while on the ground or just lets you play him differently than some other characters. It can honestly be used relatively offensively since a lot of the tells for enemies are kinda long. Just gotta test what can and can’t be countered. But yeah. Glad I could help! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the mini guide. I’ve been looking everywhere for an instruction on how to use phantom killer. I didn’t know it was a counter attack.

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