Mercedes is a unique character. She uses a ranged weapon, she flies, she heavily relies upon spells (vs. action moves) and she is also the youngest of the cast, which is why growing up is a strong theme in her campaign. For these reasons, and the fact that she is the 3rd of 5 characters, she represents a pallet cleanser of sorts; a refreshing change of pace. Mercedes’ Power Bar acts as a clip for her crossbow. After standing still on the ground for a second she will automatically reload (During which time, she yells out “Here we go!”, which coincidentally causes me to break into a cold sweat nowadays.).


Slip Slide


My favorite move for Mercedes is actually 1 of her action moves:  During the move she slides along the ground, like a rockstar across the stage, while shooting her bow up into the air. This move fills many needs for this character. First, during this move she can slide past (read: through) foes, which is great when you are really feeling the pressure. Secondly, the way her bow works does not allow her to actually juggle foes properly, however, the bullets you shoot up into the air during this move can cause airborne foes to seemingly crowd surf along your projectiles.


Round Shot


As far as spells go, Mercedes’ first spell is arguably overpowered because it can do almost everything you could need an ability to do. It’s cheap at 6 PP, powerful, hits all enemies in front of you (even extending well past the edge of the screen), knocks said enemies backward, etc. Because of this many of her other abilities are overshadowed. Why use anything else? 


Mandragora March


Mercedes has some various “summons” she can call in for help, but all of them seem to be crappy in one way or another. First is the mandragora summon, which causes mandragora– little plants that live in the ground– to come to your aid. The problem here being that you never know how many mandragora are on the map you’re fighting on. Moreover, the spell is expensive, while the Mandragora’s are weak. 

Pixie Call, Banshee Call, & Spirit Call


She also has three different fairy summons you can utilize. The first, Pixie Call, shots a small, arcing explosion attack that lands on the ground in front of you, but if enemies are that close to you then you are debatably playing Mercedes the wrong way.


The next, Banshee Call, shoots a weak shot along the ground, which just doesn’t seem to be worth the bang for your buck, although it’s ultimately not a horrible ability.


Finally, the last summon, Spirit Call, creates 3 small spirits which shot along with you whenever you fire your crossbow. This ability is only unlocked after you beat her campaign, which harms its overall usefulness. This can create some extreme awesome mayhem and chaos. But since you run out of ammo you will usually want to use this alongside her Unlimited Ammo ability, which boosts the cost of this ability up from 16 to 27, which is really expensive. Not only are these abilities all bad to meh, but they are also amongst Mercedes’ most expensive abilities.

Credit & Sources
All .gif's created @
Footage obtained from "Swillo & Bimmy Question"
Featured Image Obtained from Official Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Website

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