Gwendolyn is the Valkyrie daughter of Odin (she has a lot of daddy issues) and the wielder of a mighty spear psypher. Utilizing her wings– attached at the hip– she glides around the battlefield. Using a high grip on her spear, she stabs and cuts with precision. Her combat style feels both punishing, like Oswald, and agile, like Velvet, as she seemingly uses her spear as an extension of herself. Many of her magics feature ice and can inflict chilled (slows enemies) or frozen (freezes enemies in place) status ailments. In many ways she represents a balanced approach between the varying play styles.


Ice Shot


Ice Shot is Gwen’s first spell and represents a really well balanced move. For only 5 PP, you send out 5* homing iceballs that can chill foes. It is not overly useful like Velvet’s or Mercedes’ cheap spell, but it is not super underwhelming like the two guys. What really makes it such a valuable move in her arsenal is that it has varied uses, like keeping a juggle/combo alive, or assisting in dispatching pesky flying foes.

*More at higher levels

Pain Feather


Gwen’s Pain Feather causes her to backflip and release feathers that float to the ground, causing damage and the chill effect. However, the move can be unwieldy because you flip away from the direction you are facing, the arc is so large, and the feathers fall so slowly. It just doesn’t feel very good. The distinction here being that some moves feel bad, while being useful. Yet many players never use these moves because they just don’t control well, or there is an unnecessary skill hurdle associated with using it. There’s an onus on the designers to make unique moves feel useful; not just novel. 


Needle Strike


Every character has a move that they get early in the game– usually of the action variety– that is their bread and butter. Most of these are fairly interesting because they serve multiple purposes, but Gwendolyn’s Needle Strike begins to feel quite rote by the end of the game just because of the sheer amount of times you will use it over the course of the game. This is less a complaint about the move and more a complaint about the role this move plays in Gwen’s repertoire. That’s to say if one move is elevated into a place of increased importance because it is the only move that fills such a vital role in your repertoire– burst damage in this case– then it can actually suffer as a result.

Fall Clash


Fall Clash goes straight up and then straight down, but often fails to carry foes with Gwen, making the move pretty looking, but unreliable. Ironically, the only footage I was able to find features her triumphantly taking her foe to the sky and bringing him back down with her. This is a problem with several of the moves in the game and seems to imply a problem with the game’s physics and a general lack of understanding about the fundamentals of how to carry out an action game of this variety.

Credit & Sources
All .gif's created @
Footage obtained from "Swillo & Bimmy Question"
Featured Image Obtained from Official Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Website


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