Cornelius is the obligatory furry, I mean, animal character which was required in all games from the mid-90’s to the mid-00’s. Cornelius reflects his affinity for lightning magic in his energetic fighting style. Often seemingly using his sword like a bat, Cornelius’ royal roots are betrayed by his beastly appearance. Despite not having the capability to fly, or teleport like other characters, many of his moves can get him across the battlefield in bounds.


Back to Basics

First, I would like to give a shout out to Cornelius’ ⬛  + forward charge attack. His is the only charge attack that is contextual based off of whether you are on the ground or in the air, but both versions are neat. In the air, he spins around. While doing this he is constantly speedily moving forward, so you have to balance the damage gained from this move with his position on the battlefield. On the ground, repeating his charge attack causes him to do a small combo of sorts. Functionally it’s not a lot different than doing the same normal charge attack 3 times, but it has a unique pace and more interesting aesthetic than merely repeating the same single move three times.

Spiral Claw


When you activate Spiral Claw, Cornelius spins like a corkscrew, during which time you get to control his upward and downward trajectory. This is one of my favorite moves in the game because it can be used in so many unique ways. You can use it to dodge, to get over larger foes, to cover large spans of the battlefield, to hit airborne foes– whether they were flying or you were juggling them– to push foes backward, or to drill into your foe and do a lot of damage at point blank range. There are a ton of moves in the game that have you dash forward in a straight line while giving you no control, and for the brief second that said move is being executed you are doing nothing. This is not inherently bad by any means, but Spiral Claw gives you this extra authority and control over what you are doing. Being good with this move is easy, since there are so many effective uses for the move, but mastering it is a matter of knowing when and how to use it. This ability tests your skill in a unique way on its own and honestly, I think that might make it my favorite move in the whole game.


Pooka Knight?

One of the oddest flops for Cornelius was a unique mechanic imparted upon him: the ability to bounce off of enemy heads by holding ↓ + jump (think Shovel Knight). This seemed to rarely have a purpose & soon became something I forgot existed. Keep in mind that Odin Sphere is an action game NOT a platformer AT ALL. The worst part was that when you initiate the move it will automatically make him fall forward, instead of allowing you to have better control over the fall. I know this was instituted to prevent you from continually bouncing on top of one foe, but it is a cheap, transparent fix. Now is when master players prove me wrong by doing really awesome things with this move.


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