The Setup

Delsin never was really one for sports. Being raised in a family rooted in traditions he was never exposed to them as a child and as such never grew attached to them. However, having heard the roar around town he decided there was no reason not to attend the Seattle Seahawks’ Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers. Anyway, as per his usual rebellious attitude, if this was something his family– aka, his brother that is– even marginally disliked, then he was driven to participate.

He shot across town that night, untimely as usual, dashing from rooftop to rooftop, chimney to chimney. Barely arriving in time to pickpocket a ticket from a scalper that didn’t really need it anyway. He entered the stadium, leaving his chain at the front gates. Honestly, it was a surprise that the DUP wasn’t exhibiting control here as well, but then again the NFL does have a certain sway in our nation. Delsin was just glad to see some harmony for once and that the only violence appeared to be on the field, and not at government-mandated checkpoints.

As with any home game in Seattle, the stadium rattled with anticipation, the fanbase shaking the very earth beneath them. The stomps and cheers ensued as the ceremonial 12th Man flag was raised high over the stadium. The sound only dipped and dived between then and kickoff a couple times, but not once was it “quiet”.

The raucousness of the crowd was Delsin’s type of atmosphere and Delsin went from passively observing the locals to actively participating. There’s something about the realization that you can scream at the top of your lungs in a public place– and yet not be heard– that really makes you come to life. On that nippy January night, Delsin almost instinctively used his smoke to warm himself, but he caught himself. After all, just because the DUP wasn’t visible doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Oh and there was the crowd too.

This dissatisfaction seemingly foreshadowed the first play of the game where the Hawks fumbled the ball causing the once-booming crowd to falter. Delsin almost panicked, and even though he had just joined the cult of life that every fan knows, he was distraught. And then the crowd bumped back up, like a car that had stalled they suddenly returned to life because they knew the real stars were about to take the field: the Legion of Boom. Despite a powerful 49ers offense, guided by a young stud QB– Colin Kaepernickwho had guided these same 49ers through the NFC Championship and to the Super Bowl the year prior– being gifted the ball inside of Seattle’s own 30-yard line, the mighty Seahawks defense held firm.

At halftime, with the Seahawks trailing 3 to 10 a similar worry as before came over Delsin as he wandered the halls of the stadium trying to find a short line for a drink. But it was all for naught. As the game ensued, both rival teams were hot at one another’s throats like forces of nature seeking equilibrium, but knowing there would be no balance of power and that someone must win.

While Russell Wilson had charged down the field and reclaimed the lead with only minutes left in the game, the 49ers were still given plenty of room. The defense that looked so mighty on the 2nd play of the game now looked tired after having chased Colin for much of the evening and they let the 49ers cleave their way down the field. While the crowd was metaphorically on the edge of their site, there was hardly an ass touching a bleacher in the whole building.

That night the Seahawks left the stadium victorious and Delsin left changed. Partly as a fan, but it felt different somehow. Delsin got up from the bleachers and followed the crowd out of the stadium while donning a stupid smirk as if he had won. But he abolished the thought, knowing the Seahawks had done all the real work, or maybe there was more to this whole 12th man thing. Interrupting his thoughts was an old man stuffing a well-worn 12th Man Jersey into his stomach that Delsin grasped with his hands.

“Son, I saw your gusto, the enthusiasm of youth, and thought you deserved this old jersey of mine; for a newcomer!” Before Delsin could even thank the man he had blended into the crowds like an assassin. For some reason Delsin instinctively put the shirt up to his nose to smell the shirt, and to his surprise it smelt like smoke; like his smoke. He then slipped the jersey on and fixed his beanie back into place afterwards. As he left the gates of the stadium as he had come in a drunken man came behind him. Patting Delsin’s shoulder and commenting about the back of Delsin’s shirt, which he hadn’t inspected, the man lamented, ”We haven’t won the Super Bowl yet man!”

For the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl he couldn’t get the old man out of his head. Who was he? How could he have had an old jersey, worn and torn, that predicted the outcome of a game not yet played?

Delsin watched the Super Bowl at a local pub, a small sorta place that fell beneath the eyes of the DUP almost like the speakeasies of the previous century. While every other bar in the city was packed this one only had 12 people in it. Some people looked at Delsin’s jersey as an ill-omen that somehow foreshadowed and jinxed the team’s chances of winning, but Delsin held faith that the Seahawks would win, if only because of the jersey rather than in spite of it. It was after the game, in this crumby joint surrounded by 11 other shady fellas who may or may not be conduits that he felt the spark inside himself from the championship game, which had surged and tingled with every score of the game (except that one Bronco TD), change. He had new powers.

Congratulations! Your team has just won the Super Bowl! Your inner fandom has surged and you have become an Uber-Fan! Enjoy your new Seattle Seahawks inspired power set, aka the 12th Man power set!

Sorry (not sorry) if that was drenched with pride for my team, I felt a little context to the powers would add extra impact. (Note: It didn’t. Mike Futter and co. chose explosion powers over 12th Man powers. If you like them better, cool. But explosion powers are NOT more unique than 12th Man powers…)

The Meat of the 12th-Man Powerset

As a disclaimer, the control scheme is based on inFamous 2 and not the revamped controls of Second Son, because I am unfamiliar with those.

Equipping the Powerset

First and foremost we must cover how we equip this powerset. It is actually rather simple, you merely need to interact with Seahawks memorabilia. Maybe there’s a local newstand, jerseys drying on the clotheslines, or even flags on flag posts.

Charging the Resource

To charge the resource you must use the power of the 12th man. When you press down the button to recharge you will perform a hoorah! Call to arms to nearby civilians who will cheer you on. This obviously means the power leans toward the good karmic side of the spectrum. Furthermore, spectators will follow you and watch you fight, if you can get 12 people to follow you then you will enter “beast mode”(for those unfamiliar with the sport or team this is based off of Marshawn Lynch). During this period it is possible that enemies will refocus on killing pedestrians to disengage your beast mode, but you can heal them with skittles. Taste the 7 colored stream of light that occurs after it rains!

The (12th) Basic Projectile

The basic shot (L1+R1) is a slower, more deliberate powerful shot. In essence, you summon swirling energy that looks like a football and acts like one too. It will tail downward over distance. If you hold R1 down for a second you can put a little more power into the throw, but your character steps into it which can cause you to fall of a platform. Also you can’t do this while climbing. If you get a headshot with the football it releases a deafening roar that causes the enemy to stutter. In beast mode, your football is replaced by a skittle machine gun, enough said (more to say: Skittles are also rooted in Marshawn Lynch.). Headshots with the skittles cause small explosions of skittles. Note: Civilians have no problems with eating skittles off of the ground…would you? (This is rhetorical but feel free to answer in the comments.)


The missile functionality (L1 + Triangle) summons an ethereal seahawk spirit animal (which also builds off of his native american heritage) that charges through enemies in front of you. After a certain distance it will go off on its own path to seek out a foe. Once it has entered this state you can call it back with a hoorah! This can be used for scouting and as a boomerang attack. While it causes decent damage to enemies it passes through it doesn’t apply much physical force, although it can disturb the path of flying/floating enemies. When you are in mid-air (jumping, gliding, falling from a building, etc.) and your hawk comes back to you it will carry you a short distance and add momentum. In beast mode the hawk is enhanced almost universally (damage, speed etc.). It also leaves a rainbow behind it while you are in beast mode. (Note: You can send out multiple of these at a time, although I think there maybe a limit as to how many will stay out, probably 3.)

The 12th Grenado

Grenade (L1+Square) Traditionally you have a ‘grenade’ power in inFamous. With the Seahawks power set you punt a football. The aiming works similarly to most grenades where you have an arc that you must become accustomed to. A lighter, quicker button press will result in a close range punt… which explodes. There is the football itself which will cause larger damage if it directly hits its target (larger targets are easier to get direct hits on). Holding down the Square button for an extended period both allows for extra time to aim and extended, mortar-like range. Altitude affects the impact, so the higher the punt the harder the impact. There is, however, a ‘terminal velocity’ or maximum speed. (Can you imagine being on top of the Space Needle and mortaring a guy down below?!). In beast mode, the power of the kick isn’t changed because it would make it harder for the player to calibrate. In beast mode, the AoE size and damage is increased with skittle shrapnel thrown into the mix for good measure.

The 12th Shockwave

Shockwave (L1 + X) Much like grenades there is usually some pushback attack or shockwave. With the Seahawk power set equipped you have a deafening cheer that pushes the foe back. In fact, at heart this power functions very similarly to Cole’s basic shockwave attack; however, at point-blank range the attack does possess deadly power. The really special part is that more followers you have, the more powerful your shockwave becomes.

In beast mode, the functionality changes up a little. It isn’t quite as powerful as with 11 followers; however, at this point, all of your followers will belch out a roar along with you.

Dodge Maneuver O (Circle)

The normal dodge roll is replaced with a tackle/shoulder bash maneuver. This can be used offensively as well as defensively. It doesn’t move you quite as far as the dodge roll but it is quite responsive. In beast mode you gain more force to send opponents flying.

Legion of Boom (R2)

R2 has a special power assigned to it. In this case it is the Legion of Boom. These are spirit apparitions that join you on both sides and charge forward with you (there will be 2 to each side). Your movement is limited when you activate this since you all move as one, so you need to position yourself. If you activate this during beast mode it will cause an earthquake that staggers nearby enemies. If you use the dodge mechanic the Legion of Boom will run off in that direction creating a protective wave in front of you that pushes enemies back and attacks them.

Melee Chain (Square)

The chain remains largely unchanged. Its range is set to 10 yards and is used to keep enemies at bay somewhat. There is a 4 hit combo that slowly pushes enemies back; however, the 4th hit is quite powerful so if the enemy is still in your range at that point then they are in danger. Interestingly the dodge maneuver and the shock wave are the point blank range moves in this power set and the melee is close range but not point blank.

Skyfall ( melee [square] in mid-air)

When you jump into the air and melee you will spike the ball down onto the ground. This has a small AoE effect which is bigger the higher up you threw it from. Since you don’t fall to the ground when you spike the ball you can use this repeatedly and pepper the ground with balls, do take note that the balls become less accurate the more you throw, which is made worse with altitude since range makes things less accurate. When in beast mode you will spike the ball and follow suit right behind it for two concurrent AoE’s. One smaller one damaging people in the impact radius and one larger one that staggers enemies in the vicinity.

Gliding- (R1 in Mid-Air)

When you glide in this form you are actually surrounded by the aura of your Seahawk spirit animal. You do get a little bit more control when gliding like this. You are still mostly falling but you can pull up and get a little air. You can also pull back on the analog stick to rear back and slow your descent (If you have played a Spyro game you know what I mean.). I am thinking that maybe glide is R2, so you can aim and fire in mid-air and also because I don’t see a use for the Legion of Boom in mid-air. In beast mode you gain a little more flying capability when gliding and speed. This can be bad, however, since you need to stay within a certain distance of your followers. The speed can also make it harder for you to control and harder to slow down and bombard people while flying, hence the reason for extra upward-vertical capability. Beast mode also leaves you a skittle rainbow in your wake while gliding. (Note: You can glide and have your L1+Triangle spirit animal(s) out as well.)


There are a couple of ways to get some extra traversal. One way is going to flocks of birds that may be sitting around on rooftops or in parks. If you press a certain button (touchpad?) you will fly along with them in a prescribed pattern. Some flocks will go between locations while others will just lap around. At any time you can break loose of the rest of the flock. You can think of these as invisible skyrails (Bioshock: Infinite). Also when gliding above heat sources you will get an extra updraft, so chimneys have an extra use for this form instead of solely switching back to your de facto smoke powers.


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