Awesome Fire Emblem Valentine’s! While researching information for Fire Emblem recently, I ran across these excellent Fire Emblem Valentine's so I thought I'd share them in celebration of the upcoming Valentine's Day!


How Steven Universe Made Me Question How I View Games

Steven Universe: Attack the Light (SU:AtL) was an odd game for me to review. The question wasn’t really ever about whether or not the game was good or worth the money it cost. It wasn’t something so trivial as that.... Continue Reading →

Child of Light Review

Child of Light is a unique game. It utilizes the same engine-- Ubi Art-- as Rayman Legends and as such it features a unique hand-drawn aesthetic. It is also told completely through poem like lines. Its gameplay conventions borrow heavily... Continue Reading →

Steven Universe Attack the Light Review

Steven Universe Attack the Light is a turn-based RPG (just ask Steven, he’ll tell you) based off of Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe property. It’s available for iOS, Android, Apple Tv, and Kindle devices for $3 and it’s absolutely worth your... Continue Reading →

The Order: 1886 Review

The Order 1886 was Sony’s attempt to start a new IP with a new console. It's gameplay closely adheres to the template created by Gears of War more than half a decade earlier, but hopes to offset it with a... Continue Reading →

Limbo Review

I awaken on a forest floor. Slowly pushing myself up and standing aloft I begin to explore my surroundings. The scope of my capabilities is revealed by nothing more than exploration. I learn that I can pull things by the... Continue Reading →

Transforming in Transformers: War for Cybertron

Being a game about transformers, the mechanic of transforming is obviously involved, but to what success? The transformation process itself is quite simple: you press a button-- whether on the ground or in midair-- and you transform. The vehicles can... Continue Reading →

BloodRayne Betrayal Review

I hit a switch, causing the barrier in front of me to lower and the giant saw blade behind me to give chase. I quickly leaping between platforms that lie atop giant pools of acid lest I get laid to... Continue Reading →

The Genius of Fire Emblem Heroes

When you think of Fire Emblem the first thing that pops into your head is probably strategy (or your waifu), but chance also plays a vital role in the FE formula. It single-handedly determines combat. Each attack has a percent... Continue Reading →

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